Poly Prop Spun Fibre Cartridge 20″ 5Micron

Water flows through the depth of the spun fibre material, where particles are trapped within the gradient density layers. The multi-layered structure ensures efficient capture of contaminants, with larger particles trapped on the outer layers and finer particles captured further inside.

The gradient density design allows for a higher dirt-holding capacity, enabling the cartridge to filter more sediment before requiring replacement. Provides uniform filtration throughout its life, ensuring consistent water quality and protecting downstream equipment.

Regular maintenance and proper installation ensure these cartridges provide consistent and high-quality water filtration

Polypropylene (Poly Prop) spun fibre cartridges with a 5-micron rating are widely used in water filtration systems for their effective sediment removal and durability.

These cartridges are suitable for various applications, offering reliable pre-filtration to protect downstream equipment and improve water quality.

Polypropylene spun fibre cartridges with a 5-micron rating are an effective and reliable solution for sediment filtration.

Their gradient density design, chemical resistance, and high dirt-holding capacity make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential whole-house systems to commercial and industrial water treatment.

Additional information


Constructed from 100% pure polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer known for its chemical resistance and mechanical strength.
Contains no binders, adhesives, or surfactants, ensuring no additional contaminants are introduced into the water.


Fits standard filter housings, including those designed for Big Blue filters, which are commonly used in whole-house and commercial filtration systems.

Micron Rating:

Rated at 5 microns, meaning it can effectively filter out particles as small as 5 microns in size, such as sediment, silt, rust, and other particulates.

Gradient Density Structure:

Manufactured using a melt-blown process that creates a gradient density design, where the outer layers are less dense to capture larger particles, and the inner layers are denser to capture finer particles.
This depth filtration design enhances dirt-holding capacity and extends the filter’s lifespan.

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