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Bunnies garden decoration

Hear, speak and see no evil

Bunny garden decoration.

Quote number: GAL001

Boma Pitfire

Boma pitfire mosaic

Boma fire pits.

Quote number: GAL004

Garden water feature

Elephant water feature

Elephant garden water feature.

Quote number: GAL007

Garden decorations

Sitting lady's

Garden decorations.

Quote number: GAL010

Garden sculpture fountain

DUO garden sculpture

Garden fountain.

Quote number: GAL013

Hand bird feeder

Hand bird feeder

Garden decoration.

Quote number: GAL016

Garden decoration

Wall hanging bee

Garden decoration.

Quote number: GAL019

Book Planter

Book planter

Book garden decoration.

Quote number: GAL002

Chev Garden Planter

Chev garden planter

Car garden planter.

Quote number: GAL005

Decorative garden headplanters


Head planter.

Quote number: GAL008

Garden sculpture

Horizontal garden sculpture

Modern garden sculpture.

Quote number: GAL011

Ninfa garden fountain

Ninfa garden fountain

Ninfa garden fountain.

Quote number: GAL014

Boma firepit

Boma Pitfire

Boma fire pit.

Quote number: GAL017

Donkey's garden decoration


Donkey’s garden decoration.

Quote number: GAL003

Parrot garden ornament

Parrot ornament

Parrot garden decoration.

Quote number: GAL006

Small garden fountain

Symphony garden fountain

Small garden fountain.

Quote number: GAL009

Garden decorations

Sitting men

Garden decorations.

Quote number: GAL012

Vertical garden sculpture

Vertical garden sculpture

Vertical garden sculpture.

Quote number: GAL015