Granular Carbon Cartridge 20″ Big Blue

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) cartridges are a popular choice in water filtration systems due to their high efficiency in removing a variety of contaminants and improving water quality.

The primary mechanism by which GAC cartridges operate is adsorption. Contaminants in the water adhere to the surface of the activated carbon granules.

Highly efficient at removing chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, and other organic compounds that affect water quality and taste.

Generally affordable compared to other advanced filtration methods, making them a cost-effective solution for improving water quality.

A GAC cartridge is a type of water filter that uses loose granules of activated carbon to adsorb impurities from water. The granular form allows water to flow through the carbon bed, maximizing contact time and enhancing the removal of contaminants.

Made from high-quality activated carbon, typically sourced from coconut shells, bituminous coal, or wood. The granules have a high surface area, providing extensive sites for adsorption.

Enclosed in a cylindrical housing made from materials like polypropylene, designed to fit standard filtration systems.

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