Pool Pumps

Water Plant stock a wide range of pool pumps which are essential for the proper functioning of any pool. It keeps a pool in working order by circulating water through the pool and filter. A pump is the heart of a pool’s circulation system and its main function is to pump water through the pool’s filter. It pulls water from a suction point in the pool and it pushes it through the pool’s filter, heater and chemical filtration system and then back into the pool through its return ports. This creates a continuous cleaning cycle, keeping a pool clean and functioning properly.

Water Plant stock the BADU®Porpoise, BADU®Eco Touch and the BADU®Magic range of pool pumps The BADU®Porpoise pool pump combines the state of art material technology with the innovative design and engineering to produce one of the most efficient pumps in the market.  The pump can be installed 3m above or below water level.  The pump must be installed on a flat surface that would not flood in heavy rain.

The BADU®Eco Touch, due to highly innovative motor technology, the self-priming circulation pump BADU®Eco Touch is revolutionizing energy consumption, operating costs, water quality and lower CO2 emissions in swimming pools and koi ponds. Together with the many other advantages of the BADU®Eco Touch is that it is designed for quiet operation as well. The system is simple but brilliant: the lower the motor speed, the lower the energy consumption! Many years’ experience in the design and construction of pumps and the use of high-quality materials are a guarantee for time-tested BADU®quality!

The BADU®Magic range of pumps is especially designed for applications in small filtration plants, splash pools, koi ponds and water features.  The pump can be installed maximum 2m above water level.  The pump must be installed on a flat area that would not flood in heavy rains.