Woven Cartridge 10″

A woven cartridge is a type of sediment filter designed to remove particulates from water. The 10-inch woven cartridge is a versatile component used in various water filtration systems to ensure clean, clear water by capturing particles such as sand, silt, rust, and other debris.

  • Used in the pre-filtering stage
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Removes:
    • Rust particles
    • Scale particles
  • Size: 10″

Additional information


Made from high-quality woven polypropylene or other synthetic fibers that provide excellent chemical resistance and durability.
Free from binders, adhesives, and surfactants, ensuring no additional contaminants are introduced into the water.

Woven Design:

The woven structure provides a large surface area for particle capture and high dirt-holding capacity.
Typically features a gradient density design where the outer layers capture larger particles, and the inner layers capture finer particles.

Mechanical Filtration:

Water flows through the woven fibers, where particles are trapped within the layers of the material.
The gradient density design ensures that larger particles are captured on the outer layers, while smaller particles are trapped further inside.

High Dirt-Holding Capacity:

The woven design allows for a significant amount of particulate matter to be held within the cartridge, extending the filter’s life and reducing the frequency of replacements.

Effective Sediment Removal:

Capable of removing a wide range of particulate matter, including sediment, sand, dirt, rust, and silt, protecting downstream filters and equipment.

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