Poly Prop Spun Fibre Cartridge 10″ 5Micron

A Polypropylene (Poly Prop) Spun Fibre Cartridge is a type of sediment filter designed to remove fine particles from water. The 10″ length and 5-micron rating make it particularly effective for capturing very small particles, providing clean and clear water.

  • Sediment pre-filtration
  • Different sizes and weights
  • Removes:
    • Dust
    • Rust
    • Silt, scale and other sediments
  • Size: 10″


A Polypropylene (Poly Prop) Spun Fibre Cartridge with a 5-micron rating and 10-inch length is a type of sediment filter designed to remove medium to fine particles from water.

This filter is commonly used in various water filtration systems due to its effective particle removal, durability, and compatibility with standard housings.

Additional information


Made from 100% pure polypropylene, which is free from binders, adhesives, and surfactants.
Chemically resistant, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of water types and qualities.

Filtration Capability:

5 Micron Rating: Efficiently removes particles as small as 5 microns, including sediment, sand, rust, and other particulate contaminants.

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