Statue Maria Small

The Maria Small Concrete Garden Statue is a serene and elegant piece of art that emanates a sense of tranquility and grace. The compact stature allows for versatile placement options, including tabletops, meditation corners, or as an accent piece among plants and flowers.

The Maria Small Concrete Garden Statue’s height is 795mm, width 190mm, depth 190mm and weight 23,5kg.

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The statue portrays Maria, a revered figure in various cultures, often associated with qualities such as motherhood, compassion, and divinity.

The artist has skillfully sculpted Maria with attention to detail, capturing the serene expression and gentle posture that symbolize her nurturing and compassionate nature.

With its modest size, the Maria Small Concrete Garden Statue is perfect for adding a touch of spirituality to smaller gardens, patios, or other outdoor spaces.

This small-scale statue, crafted from durable concrete, captures the essence of purity and spirituality.

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