Statue Centurione Large

The Centurione Concrete Garden Statue is an impressive and captivating piece of art that combines the strength and durability of concrete with the intricate details of a Roman centurion.

Standing tall and proud, this statue commands attention and adds a touch of ancient grandeur to any outdoor space.

The Centurione Statue’s height is 1710mm, depth 410mm, width 460mm and weight 334kg.

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The Centurione Concrete Garden Statue stands majestically on a sturdy base, allowing it to be placed securely in any outdoor setting. Its imposing height and lifelike proportions make it a focal point that draws the eye and commands admiration.

The statue depicts a stoic and formidable centurion, a high-ranking officer in the ancient Roman army. The craftsmanship is remarkable, showcasing the artist's keen eye for detail and skill in sculpting.

The centurion is depicted in full armor, with meticulously sculpted plates that evoke a sense of authenticity and historical accuracy.

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