WF125 – Fontana Calliope Water Feature

The Fontana Calliope Water Feature design would draw inspiration from classical or contemporary styles.

The name “Calliope” suggests a connection to Greek mythology, so the fountain might incorporate elements related to the muse Calliope, who is associated with eloquence and epic poetry.

This could include figurative sculptures, decorative motifs, or inscriptions related to poetry and the arts.

The Fontana Calliope 4-piece water features height is 1010mm, width 1340mm and weight 394,5kg.


The fountain would feature a water flow system, typically starting from a central point and flowing outward.

The water might cascade from one tier to another, creating a gentle and soothing sound as it moves. The flow pattern can vary, with options such as a simple bubbling fountain or a more elaborate multi-tiered design.

Like all outdoor water features, a "Calliope Concrete Fountain" would require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Additional information

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