Vumba Mask Garden Sculpture

The Vumba Mask concrete garden sculpture stands as a mesmerizing embodiment of ancient cultural traditions and a symbol of harmony between humanity and the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from the mystical landscapes of Vumba, this captivating artwork captures the essence of African art and folklore, creating a serene and captivating presence in your outdoor sanctuary.

The mask’s features are accentuated with motifs inspired by the fauna and flora of Vumba, evoking the spirit of the wilderness.

The sculpture features an intricately crafted face, carefully molded from durable concrete.

Adorned with geometric patterns and flowing lines, the mask embodies the rich tapestry of Vumba's cultural heritage, echoing the ancient stories and wisdom passed down through generations.

Additional information

Large Size:

Height: 1250mm

Code for Large:


Medium Size:


Code for Medium:


Small Size:

Height: 850mm

Code for Small: