Gemini Combi Pack

Gemini Combi Pack

R 799,00

Gemini Twinsweep

A unique swinging float arm for more cleaning patterns.
Gemini requires less suction, whilst ensuring optimum performance and reducing wear and tear on your pump.
Patented one piece body design for strenght and stability.

Zodiac G6 Pool Cleaner

Zodiac G6 Pool Cleaner

R 1 599,00

Quick Release Casette System
- Quick access to the diaphragm for easy maintenance.

Deflector Wheel
- Improves manoeuvrability in difficult areas.

36 Fin Disc
- Increases debris pick up and better pool coverage.

Twist-Lock Hoses
- Improves connection between each hoses and the cleaner head.

Gemini Q-VAC pool cleaner

Q-Vac Combi

R 1 099,00

Gemini Q-Vac Automatic Pool Cleaner

Efficient automatic pool cleaner.
Simple installation and maintenance.

Zodiac MX8 Elite Combi Pack

Zodiac MX8 Elite Combi Pack

R 3 299,00

The first suction pool cleaner with cyclonic scrubbing brushes that continually spin, scrub and stay in contact with pool surfaces to agitate and remove stuck-on debris.
The MX8 Elite features aggressive wall climbing to scrub at the tile line and max-drive navigation for better pool coverage.
Regardless of the surface, the MX8 Elite actively tackles debris and directs it to the inlet using dual-cyclonic technology.
With a wide cleaning path and a convertible vacuum inlet to allow for larger debris, the suction cleaner delivers a thorough clean.

Zodiac VX55 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner

Vortex VX55 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner

R 13 999,00

Large and easy to clean filter canister
- Never touch debris again thanks to the easy access and hygienic design of the filter canister.
Energy Efficiant.
Inbuilt Intelligence for optimal cleaning
- The ActivMotion sensor allows the cleaner to automatically sense it's position in the pool and adapt it's path for optimized cleaning while reducing
cord tangling.

Zodiac Pacer Pool Cleaner

Zodiac Pacer Combi Pack

R 1 299,00

Pacer - Tried, Tested and Loved

The Pacer, with it's simple design and excellent performence, has proved itself as one of Zodiac's best pool cleaners.

Suited to every size pool, the Pacer is the perfect low maintenance pool cleaner.

Zodiac TX35 Pool Cleaner

Zodiac TX35 Pool Cleaner

R 6 999,00

Floor and Walling Cleaning
- The TX35 covers both the pool floor and walls hassle free during it's 2.5 hour cleaning cycle. The Front scrubbing brushes quickly brush and remove debris from floor and stuck on walls for a deep clean.
Transport and storage Caddy.
Easy top access to filter canister with large handle. Transparent window to view debris collected.
Effortless Handling
- Easy to remove cleaner from the water with large handle and light weight.