Make Your Garden a Paradise!

With Beautiful Water Features From Water Plant

No matter how big or small your project, Water Plant is sure to provide for your every need.

Do you fear that your garden is too small to support a water feature? Rest assured, at Water Plant, you are guaranteed to find a fountain that will suit your requirements. From self-contained waterfalls and contemporary water features to wall fountains, Waterplant has it all. Waterplant also stocks a range of stainless steel weirs, used to create that perfect curtain of crystal clear water flowing into your pond or swimming pool.

Waterplant also stocks a wide range of water fountain pumps, submersible pumps, swimming pool pumps and filters, as well as precision jet nozzles and fountain nozzles which produce a clear and wind stable jets of water. If you have a more whimsical nature, Water Plant even offers LED pond lights to give your water feature a mystical quality.

Cement Water Features

Artificial Rock Water Features

Water Features Nozzles & Weir