Zulu Mask Garden Sculpture

The Zulu Mask Garden Sculpture stands tall and proud, a masterful representation of Zulu craftsmanship and cultural significance. Crafted from durable materials like metal or concrete, the sculpture captures the essence of traditional Zulu mask designs while offering a long-lasting and weather-resistant presence in your outdoor space.

As the sun sets, strategically placed lighting gently illuminates the Zulu Mask, casting soft shadows that dance across its surface.

Positioned thoughtfully in your garden, the Zulu Mask Garden Sculpture becomes a powerful symbol of cultural heritage and a testament to the beauty of African art.

Surrounded by lush greenery or nestled among vibrant flowers, it radiates a sense of harmony and unity with the natural world.

Additional information

Large Size:

Height: 1000mm

Code for Large:


Medium Size:


Code for Medium:


Small Size:

Height: 650mm

Code for Small: