Wrench for 20″ Big Blue

Wrenches for 20″ Big Blue is specifically designed for 20″ Big Blue filtration systems, is an essential tool for the installation, maintenance, and replacement of filter cartridges.

This specialized wrench is used to tighten and loosen the filter housing, ensuring a secure fit and easy access when changing filters.

  • Typically made from durable plastic or metal to withstand the torque required to open and close the filter housing.
  • Designed to resist corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting use.

Shaped to fit the notched lid of 20" Big Blue filter housings perfectly. The handle provides a firm grip and leverage, making it easier to apply the necessary force without slipping. Specifically sized for 20" Big Blue filter housings, ensuring a precise fit. Can also be compatible with other Big Blue housing sizes (10", etc.) if designed as a universal spanner wrench. Reduces the effort required compared to attempting to open the housing by hand.

Designed to fit perfectly, minimizing the risk of damaging the filter housing or lid. Ensures the housing is securely closed to prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the filtration system. Essential for homeowners using 20" Big Blue filter housings as part of their whole-house or point-of-entry filtration systems. Useful for routine maintenance, such as filter cartridge replacement and system inspections.

Store the spanner wrench in a clean, dry place to prevent damage and ensure it is readily available when needed. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or corrosive substances that could degrade the material. Ensure the spanner wrench is compatible with the specific brand and model of your Big Blue filter housing. It simplifies the process of opening and closing filter housings, ensuring secure and leak-free performance. Regular use and proper maintenance of this tool will make filter cartridge changes and system upkeep a straightforward and hassle-free task.


Additional information

Opening the Housing:

Place the spanner wrench around the notched area of the filter housing lid.
Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the lid. Apply steady pressure to avoid damaging the housing or the wrench.
Once loosened, remove the lid by hand to access the filter cartridge inside

Closing the Housing:

After replacing the filter cartridge, place the lid back on the housing.
Use the spanner wrench to tighten the lid by turning it clockwise. Ensure it is snug but avoid overtightening, which can cause damage or make it difficult to open next time.

Maintenance Tips:

Always ensure the O-ring or gasket is properly seated and lubricated with food-grade silicone grease before closing the housing to prevent leaks.
Regularly inspect the spanner wrench for any signs of wear or damage, replacing it if necessary to ensure effective operation.

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