Wonder Super Bloom

Wonder Super Bloom is a specialised slow-release fertiliser, enriched with micro-nutrients and organic bio-stimulants. This technology delivers essential nutrition to flowering plants to ensure that they make the most of the flowering season.

Wonder Super Bloom is suitable for use in your rose and flower garden, and encourages beautiful roses and flowers and more prolific flowering.


Wonder's specialised range of slow-release fertilisers get to work from the moment of application. And because they're slow release, you can relax - knowing that your garden is getting all the nutrition it needs for longer. And you thought gardening was difficult?

Wonder Super Bloom contains organic bio-stimulants to encourage root development and plant growth.

Many plants are sensitive to chloride. Products with a high chloride index can have a toxic effect on plants. We are proud to boast low chloride content in the formulation!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE (Use only as directed)

Apply 25 - 50 g/m², do not exceed the recommended rate.

Water thoroughly after application. Watering well immediately after application will make sure that everything is properly absorbed as intend.

Apply in early spring, after pruning season. Repeat every 4 to 6 weeks depending on rose and flower requirements.