UV Replacement Tube 30W

A pond with clear water is an attractive feature in your garden, which brings many hours of enjoyment and relaxation.  A green pond is unappealing to look at and makes it difficult to determine whether your fish have disease or have injured themselves.

Algae also poses a threat as it starves your Koi of the essential oxygen they require. An pond UV will eradicate free floating algae and maintain a clear pond throughout the year.

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The UV works by exposing the photo tropic micro-organisms i.e.: free floating single celled algae to dose of UV radiation. This destroys and prevents the regrowth of the algae. UV’s have no side effects on the inhabitants of your pond and its environment.

The stocking rate of your pond should be taken into account when making your decision which UV light to purchase.  A bank of UV’s either in series or parallel can be installed on larger ponds.

Recommended maintenance:

  • Remove and wipe UV clarifier globes clean whenever water quality deteriorates
  • Replace globes every 9 to 12 months to ensure optimal performance

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