Pergola Lorraine

The Pergola/Gazebo Lorraine is 2500x2500mm and has a romantic and modern side. The ‘legs’ are made of lattice work and the top is decorated with scrolls. The Pergola Lorraine is well balanced in design .

Ideal for the perfect focus for your garden. Let a creeper give you a natural shade. Decorate with our Lily set or other patio furniture to make this complete.

Like many pergolas, the Garden Pergola Lorraine might incorporate a lattice or grid structure on top to support climbing plants such as vines or flowering creepers. This would not only provide shade and shelter but also add a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to the garden space.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Garden Pergola Lorraine would serve a practical purpose as an outdoor living space.

It could feature comfortable seating areas, outdoor dining facilities, or space for potted plants and garden ornaments, creating an inviting atmosphere for socializing, dining, or simply unwinding in the garden.


Additional information

Dimensions :

(Ø x H) 2500mm x 2500mm (P11)
(Ø x H) 3000mm x 3000mm (P11a)
(Ø x H) 3500mm x 3500mm (P11b)