Paver Smooth

Smooth pavers adds a modern look and feel to your garden design and to transform the outdoor living and entertainment areas of your home in no time.

Available in the following sizes:

100mm x 100mm x 50mm, 100mm x 200mm x 50mm,
200mm x 200mm x 40mm, 200mm x 300mm x 50mm
200mm x 400mm x 40mm, 200mm x 600mm x 40mm,
200mm x 800mm x 50mm, 300mm x 300mm x 40mm
300mm x 600mm x 40mm, 300mm x 900mm x 50mm,
400mm x 400mm x 50mm, 400mm x 600mm x 50mm
400mm x 800mm x 50mm, 450mm x 450mm x 50mm,
500mm x 500mm x 50mm, 600mm x 600mm x 50mm
600mm x 800mm x 50mm, 800mm x 800mm x 50mm,
1200mm x 600mm x 50mm


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