Letterbox Spout Stainless Steel 800mm

The triangular NIXIN Stainless Steel Slimline type letterbox waterspout has now been developed with two different profiles. One to provide the traditional straight line water sheet & the second to have an optional rain curtain or a patterned water sheet depending on the water flow volume.

NIXIN Slimline Spouts have a depth from front to back of 200mm providing for thicker type cladding or for plumbing reach over solid walls or under decking with no need for chasing. Letterbox spouts are a stylish and versatile addition to any water feature, offering a sleek, modern look and a soothing sheet of flowing water.

All Slimline Spouts are available from 200mm to 1000mm width waterfalls.

Their durable construction, aesthetic appeal, and customizable integration options make them suitable for a wide range of settings, from garden walls and pools to indoor water features.

With proper installation and maintenance, letterbox spouts can enhance the beauty and tranquility of your space for years to come. The addition of a Stainless Steel Letterbox Spout Water Curtain Fountain Nozzle creates a visual interest in your swimming pool or pond.

Characterized by a narrow, horizontal slot that allows water to flow evenly across its width, creating a flat, blade-like stream. Simply, this is a waterfall that produces a continuous, gentle and relaxing flow of water. The soothing sound of the cascade and the visual impact provide a wonderful focal point.


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Stainless Steel

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