Lawn Dressing 3Sixty

Lawn Dressing may be spread thinly over an existing lawn alone or in combination with over-seeding to boost lawn density. Spread evenly over the grass and rake to level the area. If over-seeding, use quality seed and follow package directions. For lawns that have a build-up of dead grass under the green top growth (“thatch”), raking with a steel tine garden rake followed by aeration with a sturdy fork is recommended before applying.

Dig out dead weeds and grass then loosen the soil. Spread a 2.5cm layer of Lawn Dressing and mix into top 2.5cm of existing soil. Spread seed or lay turf and water frequently


Lawn Dressing adds organic matter to impoverished soils to improve soil texture, moisture holding and overall soil health.

When applied as a topdressing, it can be used to remove hollows that may have developed. Provides a healthy soil environment for sowing lawn patching and repair products. Its nutrients are released at about the same rate that grass roots can take up so there is no wastage or damaging surge growth

When to use

  • Topdressing an existing lawn is best done in Spring and Autumn, either after the heat of Summer has passed and/or before Summer rainfall
  • Sowing new lawns and patching existing grass are best done in mid Spring, allowing time for the seeds to germinate and grass to establish before Summer