Hydro Sealant 12.5kg

Hydro Sealant is a waterproofing system with concrete, cementitious and masonry substrates. It penetrates the surface through moisture absorption and reacts with the free lime forming a hard crystalline material which blocks the pores against water penetration and becomes an integral part of the structure.

It provides positive and negative waterproofing against dampness and ground water as well as hydrostatic pressure.


  • Cost effective
  • Sets within minutes
  • Easy to apply
Hydro Sealant Specification Sheet

Typical Applications

  • Waterproof grout
  • Basements, lift walls, tunnels
  • Sewerage tanks, effluent pits
  • Reservoirs, canals, swimming pools
  • Water towers, silos
  • Subway, manholes
  • Pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete units
  • Koi/fish ponds, Brick or Concrete farm Dams
  • Seals and Decorates Exterior & Interior Walls