Koi Filtration System 12000lt Pond

(Quality Pump 0.55kW,  3 Bag Filter, 15W UV Light, 25L Bio Filter)

Investing in a quality koi filtration system is essential for ensuring the health and longevity of your koi fish, as well as the overall beauty and functionality of your pond. It creates a stable, clean, and healthy environment, allowing you to enjoy the serene and captivating presence of koi in your garden or outdoor space. A koi pond filtration system is crucial for maintaining a healthy and thriving environment for koi fish.

A good filtration system helps maintain the right chemical balance in the water, keeping pH levels stable and ensuring a safe habitat for the koi.

Koi Pond Filtration Specifications


Koi fish produce a significant amount of waste, which, if not properly filtered, can lead to toxic ammonia and nitrite levels in the water.

Clean water reduces the risk of diseases and infections in koi fish. Poor water quality can lead to stress and weakened immune systems, making fish more susceptible to illness. Filtration systems often include features that help aerate the water, ensuring that there is sufficient dissolved oxygen for the fish to thrive.