Concrete Bench

Concrete square benches are sturdy and practical outdoor seating options that offer a blend of contemporary design and durability.

These benches are crafted entirely from concrete, making them resilient and suitable for various outdoor environments like parks, gardens, plazas, and urban spaces.

Their clean lines and geometric shapes create a modern and minimalist appearance that complements a wide range of architectural styles.

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The surface of the benches may have a smooth, polished finish, highlighting the natural beauty of concrete.

Despite being made of concrete, these benches are surprisingly comfortable, especially when compared to traditional concrete surfaces.

Additional information

Bench Small Size:

Height: 450mm, Width: 400mm, Lenght: 1200mm

Small Bench Code:


Bench Big Size:

Height: 450mm, Width: 400mm, Lenght: 2020mm

Big Bench Code: