WF165 – Athens Planter Large Water Feature

Athens Planter Large Water Feature is a large Athens planter placed in the middle of the fountain on a pedestal with a design inspired by or reminiscent of classical Greek aesthetics, particularly those associated with Athens.

The nozzle ring adds an aesthetic and dynamic element to the fountain, creating water patterns as the water is ejected through the plastic nozzles.

The durability of the materials used, especially in outdoor settings, is important to withstand weather conditions. Concrete fountains require minimal maintenance. They are relatively easy to clean, and the material is less susceptible to damage from pests or weather-related wear compared to some other materials.

Concrete fountains can be customized not only in terms of design but also in terms of color and finish. This allows you to tailor the fountain to match your garden's specific color scheme or style.

Additional information

Athens Pot Large

Height: 700mm
Width Top: 680mm
Width Bottom: 300mm
Top Opening: 600mm

Sicilia Dam

Height : 360mm
Diameter : 1400mm
Weight : 320kg