Growing vegetables and herbs, or cultivating a flower garden or lawn is easy with the variety of seeds from Starke Ayres. Water Plant stock a variety of Starke Ayres seeds and their vegetable seeds are non-GMO and meet the highest quality standards to ensure your home gardening is made easy. The vast majority of our vegetable seeds for home gardening are open pollinated. Because we believe in having the best of both worlds, we also make a select range of our best performing commercial F1 hybrid seed available to home growers. You will be growing the same varieties the largest commercial farmers plant. You can identify these varieties by their name (“F1 Hybrid” is included as part of the variety name).

Our seed packets have easy to understand pictograms to help home growers plant your seeds correctly. There is also helpful information on the ideal times to sow and the watering requirements of each seed variety.

Vegetable seed

Vegetable Seed

Herb Seed

Herb Seed

Flower seed

Flower Seed

Lawn seed

Lawn Seed