Garden Pots

With our large range of beautiful garden pots, you will not have a hard time finding the inspiration to turn your garden into a masterpiece.

The natural rustic appeal of these garden pots makes them a perfect addition to any kind of decor and can also transform your living and/ or working space.

With a diversity in shape, texture and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect planters to suit your requirements at Water Plant.

Plants offer us the opportunity to connect with nature and to improve our surroundings.

With our diverse selection of garden pots, your garden is sure to be the envy of your neighbours. If you do not have a yard to potter about in, garden pots offer the perfect solution.

Create your own personal potted garden on your porch or balcony. With bowls perfect for growing herbs in and tall feature vases for that special piece of flora, you can create a truly unique environment.

Come to Water Plant and browse through our collection of  garden pots. Plain, striped or textured, there is something which will appeal to anyone.

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