Swimming Pool Questions

Swimming Pool Questions

Should my pool be covered or sheltered when when I am heating it?

No, your pool does not have to be covered or sheltered, but it will mean that you use slightly more power to heat the water up. For this reason, an insulating cover is recommended when heating your pool.

Can I just leave my pool alone if I have a salt water chlorinator?

No. When using a salt water chlorinator, your pool is chlorinated automatically. The salt, as a result of electrolysis, is altered into sodium hypochlorite, which is a strong disinfectant. However, your pool certainly still needs to be maintained and kept balanced.

Why is my pool cleaner only running on the floor?                                   

The suction of your pool cleaner is too low. Increase the setting and this should rectify the problem. If the problem persists, check that your filtration system is in good order and that there are no leaks. If you see bubbles coming out of your aimflow, or if the water level drops in your weir when you plug in your pool cleaner, you have a leak. Get in touch with us and we can help fix your leak in no time.

Zodiac G6 pool cleaner

Zodiac G6 pool cleaner

The Zodiac G6 is a reliable performer that’s suitable for most pools. A proven workhorse with a robust design, it is a highly efficient suction cleaner with great manoeuvrability.
You also don’t have to put up with the ‘clack, clack, clack’. The innovative diaphragm ensures whisper-quiet operation that won’t disturb the neighbours.
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Winter Checklist

Winter Checklist

We’ve got that Friday kind of feeling and we are ready for the weekend!
Is your pool prepared for the winter?
Winter checklist:
1. Set your timer to run for a shorter period.
2. Backwash and rinse your pool once a week.
3. Remove any dirt that has blown into the pool with a pool net
4. Cover your pool – this will prevent water evaporation
5. Maintain the chemical balance

Taking care of your swimming pool during the Winter will reduce the headache of having to get your pool back to its clean and healthy state ready for Summer.
Follow this checklist to maintain a perfect swimming pool this winter:
1. Clean out all debris and empty baskets regularly.
2. Continue to backwash on a weekly basis.
3. Monitor and maintain a good water level.
4. Monitor the chemistry levels of the water on a weekly basis.
5. Ensure chemicals are stored out of direct sunlight and other elements.
Quality Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer

Quality Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer

Even though we are not using our swimming pools, it’s important to maintain them during winter and keep leaves and dirt out the pool.
The Quality Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer makes it super easy for you to clean your pool and keep it in top shape for Summer!
10 Pool Maintenance Tips

10 Pool Maintenance Tips

While the thought of owning a pool might seem glamorous and ideal, there are a few things regarding pool maintenance that you need to keep in mind. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the luxury of the cool water while working on your tan, and forget about simple swimming pool care. There are a few simple tips that you can follow in order to properly take care of your swimming pool.

Clean out your filter basket at least once a week.

Your pool’s filter works extremely hard to keep out all of the debris and dirt from your water. You owe it to your filter to keep it clean and replace the filter whenever needed.

Skim your pool regularly.

The easiest thing you can do in order to keep your pool healthy and clean is to skim the water for any dirt and debris.

Skimming your pool will take approximately ten minutes of your time. You should skim your pool at least once a day if you want it to stay clean.

Scrub your pool to keep away algae build-up.

You can scrub your pool once every other week, but you need to watch out for any growths on your pool walls or floors. Make sure you scrub away any algae spots as soon as you see them.

Check your pool’s chemical levels.

Too little or too much of any one chemical can harm you or your pool in a very negative way. You definitely don’t want your pool to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep the chlorine levels where they should be.

While there are a handful of important chemicals in your pool, the chlorine is the most important. The chlorine is the sanitizer that keeps your pool free of germs.

If your pool looks too cloudy, don’t be afraid to throw in a clarifier.

Adding a clarifier will remove the cloudiness from your pool.

Keep an eye on the water level of your pool.

If the water is too low, add more with your garden hose.

If the water is too high due to a large storm, drain the excess with a pump.

Use a tennis ball to soak up unwanted oils.

Oil can get left behind in a pool from sun tan lotion, hair product, or sunscreen. Throw a tennis ball in your pool and let it soak for a while.

Power wash your pool deck.

Your deck will get just as dirty as your pool. You need to make sure your deck is clean in order to keep germs away from your pool.

Schedule yearly service appointments no matter what. Even if you clean your pool every day, it needs to be examined at least once a year to make sure everything is in line.