Winter is slowly approaching. It is important to care for and maintain a swimming pool all year round, regardless of whether the pool is used or not and regardless of the climate, proper maintenance throughout the cold season is essential. Maintaining a swimming pool throughout winter will ensure that it is in good condition, looks inviting and is clean and healthy come spring-time. Continuous maintenance will also prevent many unforeseen problems from occurring. Clean out all debris and empty baskets regularly. a Pool cover is advantageous in keeping debris out of the pool and minimises time and effort spent cleaning. Continue to backwash on a weekly basis. Maintain a good water level.  Monitor the chemistry levels of the water on a weekly basis. Ensure chemicals are stored out of direct sunlight. Ensuring that the swimming pool is clean and healthy, and that the water chemistry is within the optimal range, when the warmer weather arrives the pool will be clean and sparkling, with no problems to fix. It will also save you money in the long run.

Taking care of the swimming pool during the off season will reduce the headache of having to get your pool back to its clean and healthy state ready for the swimming season.

It is worth it!!