Waterplant is a leading supplier of DIY irrigation systems, and we also stock a wide range of cone, rotor and impact sprinklers as well as booster pumps and sprinkler fittings and valves. Designing and installing state of the art irrigation systems have never been so easy.

A programmable irrigation controller and a rain sensor will make managing your sprinkler system a breeze, and can be programmed to follow the seasons, which means your sprinkler system is only activated when it needs to be. Rain sensors and rain water harvesting tanks ensure effective and eco-friendly irrigation, and shuts down the sprinklers when mother nature provides her own irrigation, and then collects every precious drop of rain.

If this all sounds a little too intimidating, feel free to visit Water Plant and have one of their expert staff help you design an irrigation system that will not break the bank. You also do not need to worry about the installation of an irrigation system, as Waterplant deals with a network of expert irrigation contractors. We will be happy to put you in touch with any of them if you require their services.